Managing Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Remodeling an outdated tired kitchen can cost you a small fortune if you do not make the right choices regarding your kitchen layout, fixtures, countertop, lighting, flooring, sink and appliances. One of your first stops in your kitchen remodeling journey is your neighbourhood book store or library. A trip to your local do-it-yourself home improvement store should also be on your list. These stores offer many materials and kitchen design ideas. You may also consider purchasing one of the many kitchen remodeling software packages. These software programs will help you to create a visual representation of what your kitchen remodeling will look like. Another place to spend some time is on the internet researching kitchen remodeling ideas.

One consideration when planning your kitchen remodeling is the number of people who will be involved in meal preparation. Traditionally, it was the wife who spent most of her time in the kitchen, but today, many husbands and wives share the cooking/meal preparation duties. If this is the case in your home, increasing the size of the kitchen may have to be considered in order to accommodate multiple work stations or prep centers.

A combination of form and function needs to be incorporated into the overall design. The kitchen size and extent of structural changes will dictate how much your kitchen remodeling will cost. If the overall layout remains the same, for example, you do not relocate windows, doors, and plumbing or electrical, your remodeling cost will vary based on the type of cabinets chosen, real wood versus hollow core, laminate or granite counter top, laminate or wood flooring, stainless steel or copper sink. A portion of your kitchen remodeling budget also needs to be allocated to lighting, (under-counter, hood, ceiling or wall sconces), painting, plumbing fixtures, decorating and appliances.

In the final analysis, you will save money if you have the skills to do some or the entire kitchen remodeling project yourself. If however, you are not the handyman type, it is best to hire a professional kitchen renovation company who will warranty their work. When the dust settles, be prepared to spend from $10,000., for a modest small kitchen, to $100,000., plus, if your taste and requirements dictate higher-end materials and appliances.

A well-planned kitchen remodeling project will reflect your personal sense of style and will increase the overall livability of your home. These changes will undoubtedly increase the resale value of your home and your enjoyment of the new space. Enjoy the experience and have fun!

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