I was introduced to Phil the Handyman by friends who had been very pleased with work he had done for them. Over the past few months he has done several jobs for us ranging from small “fix it” tasks up to renovating a bathroom.

Everything that he has done has been done in a meticulous and professional way with great attention to detail and quality of materials and workmanship. He plans carefully and then gets the job done according to plan. I have been very impressed with the results.

Phil is also very good to work with. He communicates well so that as a customer you know his work plan and timeline and you are informed as to when he will be coming and updated on any change of plan. He provides clear cost estimates and full discussion if any problems arise during the course of the project. He is very tidy and leaves the project site neat and clean.

Based on my experience I would happily recommend Phil the Handyman to any prospective customers.

Dr. Gustafson

My husband and I are both successful professionals, however, neither of us has a “handy” bone in our body. So, when it comes to household repairs and renovations, we turn to Phil Nurse. We first engaged the services of Phil the Handyman several years ago and since then he has performed numerous jobs for us. One such project was the renovation of our family room which entailed the ripping out of a built-in cabinet, drywall repair, painting, the patching and repair of the hardwood floor, and the sourcing and assembly of a home theatre cabinet. Phil's attention to detail and resourcefulness made this project a huge success. He even found a recipient for the cabinet that was being replaced rather than have it go to the landfill.

Phil also fulfilled the role of custodian while we were away on holiday. During that time Phil regularly checked on our home, communicated with us on regular basis, and made any repairs that were necessary. Phil provided us with peace of mind and assurance that our home was safe and secure.

Whether it be a leaky tap or a large renovation, we would not hesitate to call on Phil. He has proven to be professional, thoughtful, and willing to stay until the job is done. We highly recommend his services and applaud his continued success.

Kathleen C

For a year, Phil has been our extra and, by far, most skilled pair of hands, as we've settled into an Oak Bay condo, watching it become more and more our own home. From bathroom and kitchen improvements, to carpentry on new cupboard and closet doors, his work has been consistently meticulously and cheerfully accomplished. He's met and surpassed our expectations of quality workmanship, happily taking extra time to seek out necessary materials and solutions for unique tasks. He welcomes challenges; we've given him a few! Currently he's designing an electrical fireplace surround for the living room.

Though it's been stated by others, I have to mention that Phil's good manners, extreme tidyness and attention to detail make him a pleasure to work with.

Phil sticks to his estimated price for a job and delivers above and beyond service. I quote a recent article in saying, "Get a handyman and live the good life." We concur, but add, "Get the best handyman you can find." Luckily, he works for us.

Terry and Sheila F

Basement Renovation

Phil came highly recommended by a professional colleague and personal friend for whom Phil had also performed a basement renovation. In late 1994 and early 1995 Phil was instrumental in converting my family’s unfinished basement (approximately 525 square feet total) into a pleasant, bright and functional multi-purpose area and guest bedroom. Not only did Phil perform the renovations, he managed to surpass even our own dreams. While our concepts were vague, Phil had the knowledge and skill to take our wishes and translate them into a bright and airy living area that offered a modern look, flair and easy maintenance. I thought that I had hired a renovator but I got an interior designer “for free”.

How do you hide the steel support posts that the builder, of course, has managed to plunk down right in the middle of the main room? Well, you can add a decorative cover or build a stub wall to hide it or - Phil’s solution - you construct a built-in display case that highlights perfectly some art glass pieces. Unless you are told that the post is incorporated, I don’t believe that you would guess. The case is angled to catch the morning sun to give sparkle and “fire” to these objects.

Phil is a “measure twice, cut once” kind of guy. We wanted a wall of bookcases (about 22 linear feet, floor-to-ceiling). Ikea, you say? No: Phil designed the bookcases, searched the city for the proper materials, performed all the cabinet work and machining to create 11 modules. Each module included a base, a lower cupboard with doors and several adjustable shelves. Amazingly - given the vagaries of residential construction - everything fit perfectly. He even managed to conceal the electrical entrance box and several waste/vent stacks with some clever cabinetry.

He is a craftsman who is proud of his workmanship; he builds it “right the first time” and is a stickler for over-engineering the job instead of seeking the short-cut, using minimal effort or the fewest fasteners.

Against any cash advances Phil always provided itemized bills and invoices; materials were consistently top-notch, name brand and purchased from local suppliers. Phil completed the job on-time (even slightly ahead of schedule) and within budget. The very few sub-contractors he utilized were chosen by him for the quality of their work on other projects. He made certain that they were paid in full once their work was completed. He was extremely trustworthy; he always appeared at the scheduled time; I never felt as though my project was being juggled with many others.

Every craftsman naturally guarantees his work. Of course, everything looks great while the paint is still damp but what about longevity? For Phil, I would be really surprised if any call-backs were necessary. Why? His investment of that few minutes of extra time to get it right has paid big dividends. Almost ten years later, my basement is as good as the day the construction was completed: for example, no drywall screw pop-outs and no crooked or discoloured ceiling tiles.

Dr. Petrie

Renovation Projects

Last November, I hired Phillip Nurse of Phil the Handyman to insulate my basement. My home is registered as part of the EnerSave program and basement insulation was recommended as a method of making my home more energy-efficient.

Since then, I have hired Phil again to renovate my bathroom and to build a new ensuite bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom.

Every day that Phil is on the job, I am impressed with his work ethic, the level of his commitment and the quality of the work he performs.

Phil has an incredible attitude that I have seldom seen among tradesmen, or frankly, in any line of work that I have been involved in over the years.

Phil’s standard is that the work must be performed to the highest level of his capability and that the customer must be satisfied with the service performed.

In the case of the basement insulation, the level of performance is way beyond my expectations. The bathroom projects are still ongoing, but I can see that they will achieve similar levels of quality of workmanship.

I can’t tell you how many times Phil has been to home supply stores with me and my wife or on his own to choose, order or return fixtures and other supplies. But I would guess the number is close to ten times.

In addition to the work he has been hired to do, Phil has also done a myriad of other jobs that he has identified around the home, such as installing a new railing to the lower level, new locks at various entrances, a new doorbell at the front entrance, new caulking behind the kitchen sink, all at reasonable cost.

If something needs to be done, Phil does it, with the homeowner’s consent, adding comfort, security and value to the home he is working in. In addition, Phil never forgets that he is working in the client’s home and the level of consideration he demonstrates is truly remarkable. He cleans up the worksite as he goes, never leaving behind the mess and chaos that are often found at home renovation projects.

Phil has a key to our home to allow him to come and go as required. Yet he always knocks as he arrives, remembering that he is entering someone’s residence, not just a worksite.

Phil goes out of his way to minimize the noise and disruption of home renovation and in addition it is a pleasure to see someone enjoy his work and take great satisfaction at his accomplishments.

I would never hesitate to recommend Phil as a home renovator or handyman. I would only hope he will be available in the future for other projects that will be required around our home.

Sid Tafler

Kitchen reno and flooring

Just wanted to thank you for the work you've done in my condo. Of all the people I've had, your work and integrity as well as going beyond what others have done, most impresses me. I've given your name to others. That you do what you say, and charge what you say you would charge, puts you above all the others. When I require help, I shall refer to you firstly. Many thanks.


Basement and add other renovations around the house

This is a testimonial on Phil the person as well as on his work. We had Phil finish our basement and add other renovations around the house. We loved the results when they were finished some eight years ago and we still love them today. Nothing has changed, shifted or broken, not even a nail popped. This speaks of the quality of his workmanship. We would also like to add that it reflects a lot about the man himself - trusting, dedicated and one who takes pride in his work.

The basement was not a small job. It is close to 1200 sq. feet in finished area. It has a wet bar, three piece bathroom, a bed room, an office, an exercise room, an open area with a gas fireplace for TV viewing, an open area for the kids to play electronic games and an unfinished workshop room. The ceiling is suspended tiles. The open area has pot lights. The walls in the open areas are pine paneled to chair height. The fireplace wall is finished with floor-to-ceiling book shelves. There is also a built-in book/stereo shelves in the game area.

The other renovations that Phil put into our house are a linen closet in the upstairs hall way, an L-shaped floor to ceiling display case with glass doors and a built-in wall-to-wall desktop with shelves above and cabinets below in our daughter’s bedroom for her to use as a study area.

There is nothing more we can say about Phil or his work except to say that we would highly recommend him for any renovation work around the house.

Kia & Sophia

Basement renovation

Phil completed a major renovation in our home in 1993. Our basement space was reconfigured into a bedroom, recreation room, laundry and workshop area with storage shelving. The project was accentuated by halogen track lighting, wood panel wainscoting, drop ceiling and artistically framed windows which compliment the room.

To date, the outstanding quality of Phil’s workmanship and planning is remarkable as there are no visible defects, or structural discrepancies.

Phil has great organizational skills and is solution focused with an astute awareness for detail. He is resourceful, self-directed, ethical, dependable, trustworthy and effective at multi-tasking.

I highly recommend Phil for any project because of his skill, thoroughness and excellence. He demonstrated dedication to detail and finesse with projects, inclusive of his own home in renovation projects.

Dr. Budzinski

Bathroom reno, molding, shelving and outdoor garden storage

Phil did quite a bit of work at my house, including moldings, bathroom reno with new cupboards and sink and moving a wall, shelving around a murphy bed, and an outdoor garden storage unit. He did good quality work, was accountable to his estimates, and always left my home neat and tidy at the end of each day even in the midst of major work. He is very trustworthy and did his work at my home mostly while I was away at work.


Assorted home maintenance projects

Phil’s motto is ‘No Job Too Big or Small, We fix them All’ and I think it couldn’t be more appropriate.

While I know that Phil has undertaken some major renovations for his clients, including travelling across the country for at least one, I have called him on several occasions for small, ‘fix it’ jobs. Most contractors would not be interested in spending time on these kinds of jobs; business is booming and they have no time for the sort of work I needed to be done.

Phil, however, is only too happy to respond and has always done a first class job. He has helpful suggestions too, seeing beyond my stated needs, and when necessary coming up with a better idea. He shows up exactly on time, and when work is done, everything is left neat and tidy.

I am happy to recommend Phil for whatever renovation or handyman job you need help with.

Sheila R.

Several reno projects

Phil the Handyman is the best in the West. Phil has done several jobs in my apartment to my entire satisfaction. He is pleasant, honest, hard working, trustworthy, very skilled and extremely clean which is a must as far as I’m concerned. Never before have I had someone doing repairs without leaving a trail. I’m a total clean freak and I’ve been absolutely amazed at the state he’s left my apartment after doing work. I will not hesitate to give him the key so he can work when I’m not at home. He has a strong work ethic and there is not a doubt in my mind that I can completely trust him.



Phillip's workmanship is top quality. He is personable and professional and I would hire him again anytime.


Painting, repairing drywall, deck repair, electrical repairs and upgrades

My husband and I recently bought our first house. Phillip has done everything from painting, repairing drywall, deck repair, electrical repairs and upgrades, enclosing an awkward staircase, and installing appliances (just to name a few jobs…) to make our house a beautiful, functional and safe home!

Phillip is meticulous, considerate, honest and hard working.

I would highly recommend Phillip to anyone! (My husband, in fact, is so enthused with his work, he wants to name our next child Phillip!)

Needless to say, we will continue calling on Phil the Handyman in the future. (Next projects: installing insulation in the attic and kitchen renovations!)

Jo Ann and Ian

Install laminate flooring in our boat

Phil the Handyman is amazing. He rescued us from a disaster. We started to install laminate flooring in our boat. We hadn't taken into consideration all the hatches that needed to be cut precisely-as they are in prominent places in the salon and state room. He had quite a job to make all the intricate laminate flooring work perfectly. He worked hard to make sure all the flooring planks matched exactly. He also helped us with other projects we had on the boat. He was courteous, honest, and efficient. We will be calling on Phil in the future.

Mary Anne


Thank you SO MUCH for your tireless efforts at painting my suite on time! And also much gratitude for assisting with the blinds. You have impeccable talent and my new home looks fantastic!



Hi Phil:
Just wanted you to know that I think of you often regarding the good work you did on our bathroom. Thanks for all your suggestions especially the tile around the tub. I love our counter top now that I am used to the darker colour. The room looks bigger and I love the clean fresh look of the tile. Hope you are well.
Thanks again!

Linda and Veral


It certainly is a well-installed and strong fence! It will outlast all of us!
Phil, thanks for managing the fencing company and please extend my compliments. Nice job!


Phil keeps our 100 year old house functioning at 100%

A friend of the family highly recommend Phil to us about two years ago. And ever since we have used Phil and his services for everything! We have a 100 year house that needs lots of fixing up and attention. Our house has received some serious TLC from Phil.

Phil has repaired everything from water damage from pipe leaks and bathroom floods, rebuilding walls, painting, etc. You name it, Phil has fixed. When needed, Phil has connections with specialized professionals and they work together to complete the job/project.

He is professional and pleasant to work with. Phil does it once and does it right! We highly recommend him.

Lisa & Adriano

Too many to name!

We have known Phil for around 7 years. We have had him do various projects such as painting and plumbing and small reno's and general handyman services. He also is our contact man for our tenants when we go on holidays. Phil's background in property management is a asset that should not be over looked by landlords. We have found Phil to be reasonable in his rates and he is always on time and comes in on budget. He actually has saved us money in the past by pointing out that something could be repaired other than being replaced! In addition he possesses a pleasant personality and is very trustworthy. Well done Phil......and thank you for all your assistance over the years!


Closet rails, under-cabinet lighting, hanging lamp installation, mirror-hanging, electrical

I wouldn't call anyone else for anything I need done around my downtown apartment. Phil is professional and personable. He responds quickly to e-mails, voice mails or texts, and he never says "no" to even my smallest jobs. His transparent, fair and organized billing system, his impeccable cleanliness, his skill at fixing anything, and his wonderful sense of humour keep me coming back every time.

I once tried to install a dimmer to a light switch myself, and I made all the lights (and the internet) in my apartment go out. I called Phil. It was late at night, but he came over immediately and solved the problem. "Chrissie", he said, "I know you have to blow-dry your hair in a few hours, and for that you need electricity. I thought I'd better come right away". Haha!

He clearly knows his trade, and I appreciate that he often explains the job to me as he's working.... which cables have to be cut, which plug has to be used, how far apart the studs have to be, etc. He recognizes good craftsmanship, and he understands the importance of detail and style.

I'm lucky to have found Phil by chance on the internet about six years ago, and I have been recommending him to my friends ever since.


Bathroom exhaust fan, replace toilet x 2, repair chandelier, replace outdoor and indoor lights and outlet.



Carpeting, replacing outlets and switches, interior painting, a bit of plumbing

Phil was highly recommended to me by a co-worker and I have been extremely happy with all his work. He is always on time, keeps to his estimates and leaves things tidier than when he arrived. He is also very personable and a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to having him do more work for me in the future.


Multiple Projects

Phil the Handyman is the best handyman on the market! He is a stickler for detail, dedicated, honest and fair, and best of all a fantastic handyman!

Phil has completed a number of jobs for me, fixing a broken door lock, interior painting, staining my deck, bathroom repairs etc. etc.

Phil really takes pride in his work, and provides great service to his clients. I really appreciate his work ethic.

Catherine R.